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  • LAL
    • ABCYA - Grades K-5 - literacy activities
    • Wonderopolis - Non-fiction articles with questions, video, vocabulary.  Audio content.
    • Tarheel Reader - Create basic books.  Read created books.  Audio content. 
    • Children's Library- Online books.  Searchable by many variables.
    • Carnegie Library- Story maker, books, and many other activities
    • Kerpoof - BLOCKED
    • Story Bird - read and write stories
    • Speakaboos - reads stories for younger students
    • Road to Grammar - Grammar exercises and downloads
    • Readworks - Lexile leveled texts, many grouped by specific content
    • Voki - Create avatar, records speech, plays back. 
  • MATH
    • AAA Math- sorted by grade with instruction, practice and activities, etc.
    • Khan Academy - instructional videos and practice, tracks progress (other subject areas too)
    • NewsELA - Current event articles with each one at various lexile levels.  (partially blocked)
    • Map Wing - Virtual tours
    • Time Toast - Create timelines
    • Free Rice - Create and use flash cards.  Each use donates to charity.  (partially blocked)
    • Piktochart - Create infographic posters. 
    • Studyladder - Multiple subjects.  Many activities & lessons.  Tracks progress.
    • Learnzillion - Video lessons
    • Ed Puzzle - Video Lessons (quota restricted)


Do you have a website that you love to use with your class?

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